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As a single mother who re-entered the dating scene in my early 30s, I encountered my fair share of men who wanted me to like them, and on paper, I should have. They were good-looking and could correctly punctuate a sentence. Some were even doctors, lawyers, or businessmen.

But whether…

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My first fiancé proposed to me at a Sonic Youth concert. I was so drunk that I didn’t remember if the proposal had actually happened when I woke up the next morning.

Our relationship was built on adrenaline.

We ran from the cops a couple of times. I learned how…

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With all of the “here for hook-ups” and the polyamorous/open/ethically non-monogamous and just plain married guys and gals or couples seeking their “unicorns,” how could you ever hope to find someone looking for something real just like you?

It’s not impossible. It happens for a lot of couples, including, much…

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I love my children. I’m so grateful I had them.

But I’d be lying if I said they didn’t make things difficult.

It’s harder to find time alone. It’s harder to want to be intimate when one or both of us recently changed a poopy diaper or is covered with…

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As a Relationship Coach and a female human, I’ve read so much dating advice directed at women. I’ve found that too many can be damaging, sexist, or easily misinterpreted.

If you’re a woman who’s newly dating, young, or just need a reality-check, here is the advice you should roll your…

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We all judge our partners in bed. We’ve all had terrible partners. We’ve (hopefully) all had good ones too. We might even have special ranking systems that we’ve assigned to particular partners (very good at being dominant, liked to try new things, super sexy, etc.). All of us do it.

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On my article, “Why Dating Smart Women Is the Best Decision You Could Make,” a reader commented,

“A man’s lizard brain has about as much use for an intelligent female as a dog does for a sweater.”

He’s not wrong, but let’s break down why that shouldn’t matter to you…

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At my six week check-up following the birth of my youngest, my OB said, “You can have sex physically, but only have it if you feel comfortable.”

I wasn’t comfortable honestly. My body still felt like it wasn’t my own. I’d lost barely any weight since the birth, and I…

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I grew up believing a healthy relationship was all about finding the right person. If a couple wasn’t healthy, it simply meant they weren’t “soulmates.”

What I’ve learned, as both a human and as a Relationship Coach, is that healthy relating skills are learned. Some of us are lucky enough…

Tara Blair Ball

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