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Sometimes the secrets our parents keep from us are enough to ruin us.

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“Water seeks its own level.”

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It was easy to be “body-positive” when I felt like I was, by all accounts, thin.

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What several scientific studies say men don’t find unattractive in women, so you can see how many men 86 you.

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Advice from a Relationship Coach.

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My marriage and other close relationships are very important to me, so I’ve had to work to accept things I don’t necessarily love.

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A smart sex toy empowered me to learn more about my body and improve my sex life.

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Sometimes we really don’t know people as well as we think we do.

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While a good partner can help you be satisfied, it’s important that you know your own needs and desires.

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If your relationship is unhealthy, then it’ll only go through 3.

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